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The Silent Feminist

A rare and candid smile radiates from this woman of few words. In my short time with her she taught me something about feminism that I’d never heard before or would ever hear elsewhere: that there is great power in listening, in making others feel heard. And that although silence sounds a lot like submission in a woman, it can be anything but. Being thoughtful in her choice of words was her greatest asset in a world of assertive voices, speaking up only in defense of another was her greatest strength and source of peace, and the most valuable inheritance I could ever hope to receive. On her 11th death anniversary, and in an arguably more divisive world than when she left us, I wish she was here to cast this same smile my way. To settle my anxious heart and channel her pervasive peace through us. But I’ll take her lesson of listening & thoughtful action, etched in my memory as the strongest woman I’ve ever known & the one who made me feel heard #imstillwithher 


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The Sea Link

On the Sea Link bridge in Mumbai, if you use your imagination for a second – just one – it feels like you’re suspended in time and space. Not late for anything – not near or far from anything.Bandra-Worli-Sea-Link When you’re on it – you’re safe. Safe from measurement and from a schedule, safe from disappointing yourself and from disappointing others. For those few minutes you’re free to really see into or past the colorful slums, your choice. Or look out on the water, into an endless gray mist of nothingness. You’re free to let your mind wander without a focus or end goal, to let relief wash over you. For those few moments, the burden of today is lifted off your shoulders. And just as you begin to grasp it, barely begin to cherish it, you come to realize: it’s a freedom you cannot hold on to.

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